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Based in Maastricht, The Netherlands, AgAtelier Designs was founded by Agnes-Agatha Fizzano and her passion for hair accessories such as headpieces, combs, headbands,vines, halos and hair pins.

Next to ready-to-wear pieces, as for example shown on the website or in the shop-in-shop boutique in Maastricht 

Aga loves to offer bespoke services to every bride and work closely together on a piece

that will reflect exactly any wishes and style of each customer,

such as color,shape, materials etc. in order to ensure unique and very personal designs.

AgAtelier also offers to "recycle" your jewelry into a new piece, from a headpiece into jewelry and vice versa, for example. 

AgAtelier offers not only bridal accessories but also occasional wear headpieces for parties, proms, date nights....

in fact, for any occasion to look special and make your outfit complete, truly “Head to Toe” !

 All styles on the site are made to order and therefore can also be customized (price indication upon request).

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